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Starting an online store? We help businesses sell online and expand their reach through wooCommerce and Shopify, two of the leading eCommerce platforms.

86% of online customers are willing to pay more for a better user experience, it’s essential to make sure your website offers one.

Selling your products online is one of the best ways that you can reach your customers. Almost every purchasing decision starts with a Google search.  If you sell a product, you can be certain your potential customers are searching for it. By offering them the option to purchase your goods online, you are creating  a seamless purchasing experience which can increase revenue, growth, and help your business succeed.

Canadian companies sold more than $136 billion in goods and services online in 2016.

We work with two major platforms, wooCommerce & Shopify, and there are a few significant differences – each with their own benefits. Both are recognized as platform leaders and help make selling your products and services online quick, simple, and affordable.

Shopify Vs. wooCommerce


wooCommerce, a free eCommerce platform from Wordpress utilizes existing Wordpress CMS (content management system) If you’re familiar with working with Wordpress sites as many are, it can be a great choice. It is user-friendly, and fairly simple to use. Generally speaking, a wooCommerce store will offer more flexibility and scalability depending on the products you sell and your website's requirements. When choosing wordpress as your eCommerce platform, it’s important to know that you will be required to provide your own hosting, and it is generally best for those with some technical ability as you will be required to manage the entire solution yourself as you would a typical Wordpress site.

The great thing about wooCommerce is that it can be integrated with any Wordpress website and enables full control over every aspect and feature of your online store.


– Open Source– Freemium model (free to use, pay for extra features)– SEO benefits– Well documented– Feature rich– Unlimited products– Trusted and reliable platform


Shopify is a subscription based self-hosted eCommerce platform for businesses who want to get their online store up and running fast with little technical knowledge required and ease of use, Shopify is a great option which provides plenty of options and features for most businesses.


– An out of the box solution– Less technical– Quick setup and launch– Monthly subscription model (pay for extra features)– Trusted and reliable platform– Simple to use– Well documented

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